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Many Health and sports clubs include an Osteopath as part of their medical team. Increasingly, medical teams are discovering that the skills of an Oseopath compliment the work of the Doctor and Physiotherapist.


Osteopaths, Like other practitioners of manual and physical medicine treat and manage  a variety of sports related injuries, many of which are as a result of overuse, such as tennis elbow, or from accidents or foul play. As well as treating sports related injuries, we can help maintain flexibility of muscles, and joint mobility, to help reduce the risk of injury and possibly help to enhance your performance.



The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE Guidelines CG88) recommend manual therapy (Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic) for low back pain. Low back pain is the single biggest contributor to loss of time from work, costing the country in excess of £6 Billion of lost revenue and costing the NHS approximately £500 Million per year. As well as the enormous financial cost, back pain has a very personal cost, not only to the sufferer but also to their loved ones. Osteopaths are in the distinctive position of having a thorough understanding of the body and how it works. This gives us an insight into the stresses and strains that can cause you problems. Many companies employ the services of an Osteopath to carry out work place assessments.


Sports Massage

Nick has volunteered for to perform sports massage at the London Marathon for  Bliss 2015 and supervised students 2017 also volunteered for Breakthrought breast cancer 2014. Nick has also volunteered at the London Triathalon for the ISRM and SCOPE at the London Marathon. He has aslo volunteered for the Keppplewray project at the Great North Run


Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games

This was a landmark games for Osteopathy as this was the first multisport games that Osteopaths were invited to be a part of the central medical team. Tom was one of those chosen to be a part of this team.


London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Tom had the honour and priviledge to have been selected to be a member of the manual therapies team to work at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games. This was unique as this was the first Olympic Games that Osteopaths were invited by the International Olympic committee (IOC) to be a part of a host nation's central medical team. At that time Tom Hewetson and Jon McSwiney were unique as we were the only clinic to have more than one osteopath to have been selected to be among the 25 osteopaths to be a part of the medical team. The most recent member of the Orchard House Health team, Barry Kleinberg was also a member of the London 2012 central medical team.


The IOC has stated that these were the the best medical services in 18 games (72 years). Across all Olympic sites the medical staff had 35,000 encounters. Osteopaths had more than 900 encounters. This is remarkable when one considers that there was only one osteopath per shift at each site.


It was a pleasure to have worked alongside some of the best practitioners in their field. This was an exceptional working environment that our patients will hopefully benefit from.


London 2017 Para Athletics and IAAF world championships

Tom Hewetson, Barry Kleinberg and Jon McSwiney were selected as members of the manual therapies team to work at the para athletics and the IAAF world championships in London in July and August 2017. Working with elite athletes is always a priveledge. The lessons learned at such events are transferable to clinic.


Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

Tom was selected to be a member of the central medical team for the Bimingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.




Tom Hewetson BSc. (Hons). MSc. FOSCA

Being appointed a fellow is the highest honour that can be bestowed upon a member of an association.


An OSCA Fellow is one whose seniority in osteopathic sports care is attested to by their level of knowledge and experience of the health and well-being and treatment of athletes. They have an outstanding, extraordinary record of accomplishments in sports care, including extensive experience and academic achievement in this field.


As fellowships are based on nominations from members of the profession, it signifies the esteem in which a member of the association is held by his or her peers, and as such is a mark of achievement which all members should aspire to.


"I am proud to have been given this award and will strive to do justice to the confidence others have in me".

Tom Hewetson


Some of the kind quotes friends and colleagues:


"Congratulations Tom, having benefitted from your expetise in the past I can say the honour is thoroughly well deserved"

Roger Uttley O.B.E.


"No surprise considering you were a great clinician in 2000 and another 13 years on that. Congrats mate"

David Peirce Physiotherapist

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